Culinary & Medicinal Herbs

The shop is open Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-6pm between massage clients (I’m a massage therapist also).

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Looking for a spice blend or seasoning mix?

Unlock the culinary artist within you with our DIY spice blend recipe cards and create your own seasoning blends right here in the shop! Tired of the same old flavors? Dive into the world of custom seasoning creation and elevate your dishes to new heights. Our recipe cards offer a delightful journey through a variety of blends, empowering you to craft your own signature flavor profiles.

Each card features the essential herbs for classic blends alongside a selection of exciting additions for those craving a dash of creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an adventurous home cook, these cards provide the perfect starting point for culinary exploration.


Most herbs are sold unground to retain flavor. I sell mortar & pestle sets for grinding herbs or will be happy to grind them for you at the shop. Coffee grinders work well too.

All herbs are 100% organic.

Tea Infuser w/ handle


Mortar & Pestle