There are so many ways to incorporate herbs into your everyday life and live more naturally. Using natural, herbal products is amazing, but it’s even more exciting to create your own. The relationship that you build with the products that you have crafted by hand gives you such an appreciation for the ingredients and the process involved. Not only do you know exactly what went into that product, you know exactly how it was made. I feel such a deep connection with the Earth and everything in it when I use products that I have created myself. The products that I use aren’t just some random items that I picked up off the shelf at a shop somewhere. I can look at a product I made and think, “I made that” and I feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment. I was reading a book yesterday about macrame and the author was talking about handmade items “elevating the everyday” and I absolutely loved that expression. 

So here are some products that you can easily make at home to “elevate your everyday”! Make sure to check out our subscription boxes to have the recipes and ingredients sent right to your doorstep every month.