Thank you for visiting Waldo Soap Company: where luxury meets sustainability in every bar of handmade, all-natural soap. Crafted with care, dedication, and organic ingredients, each bar of soap is a testament to my commitment to purity, quality, and environmental responsibility.

I make my soap in small batches using only the finest organic ingredients. Rich, nourishing oils like olive, coconut, and shea butter form the foundation, while pure essential oils infuse each bar with enchanting scents that transport the senses to distant lands.

But my dedication to sustainability goes beyond just the ingredients. My soaps come unpackaged so as not to create more waste ensuring that your journey to radiant skin is as gentle on the earth as it is on your body. 

There is always plenty of variety to choose from like Oatmeal & Honey, Butter soap made with shea butter & cocoa butter, face scrub soap (which is also great at getting kitchen smells off your hands), and, of course, Lovely Lavender soap. Come in often to see what’s new! I’m always experimenting!

All-Natural Soap