Botanical Name – Nepeta cataria

Family: Lamiaceae

Energetics: cool, dry, relaxant

Taste: pungent, aromatic, acrid

Parts used: leaves

Affinities: digestive and nervous systems

Actions: Digestive, carminative, hepatic, nervine, diaphoretic, sedative, antispasmodic

Preparations: tincture, tea, bath, poultice

Cautions: Generally regarded as safe. Consult with a qualified herbalist before use during pregnancy. The sedative effects are more noticeable with children. Best not to use in high doses or for prolonged periods. 

Therapeutic Uses:

  • Helps in digestion as the aromatic constituents promote the production of gastric secretions.
  • This warming mint can help move gas out of the gut.
  • Catnip is a diaphoretic which aids the body in releasing the heat of fever.
  • This herb is very helpful when nervousness and anxiety are tied up with gut upset. It works in both directions, both helping with gut upset due to anxiety or high anxiety due to gut upset. These issues are often linked, and catnip is a powerful ally.
  • Catnip is a mild sedative and is helpful at bedtime when you are having trouble falling asleep.


**This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness or disease. It is for educational purposes only.

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