Traci holding a baby goat

I’m a massage therapist, sound healer, soap maker, and perpetual student of herbalism.

I like to think of myself as a homesteader, or at least as much of one as this city dweller can be. I don’t live on a farm. I don’t live off-grid. I don’t grow all my own food. I’m just a girl who likes to live as naturally as possible and try to lighten my impact on our beautiful planet. I get really excited by trying new things like making my own meade, canning my own pickles, and making my own cocktail bitters. 

If I can make it myself, you can bet I’m at least going to try. So, if you feel like you’d like to try living in a little more harmony with mother nature or you have already started on that journey and are just looking for more ideas, you’ve come to the right place.